What is the definition of a legacy?

Legacy is defined as that which is handed down to another with the expectation that it will continue on for the common good.

It’s about building and enabling the future, it’s about our family of friends in the Hermantown area.

The Hermantown Legacy Fund (HLF) was created to honor the past of the Hermantown Area, continue the legacy, and shape the future. HLF will strengthen our community and the region in which live. Each gift will make a lasting contribution in the Northland through the people who receive the grants and scholarships because we believe they will make a difference.

Passing the baton to the next generations is an opportunity for you to leave a legacy.  In addition, together we will enable the long term future of our community through funds donated to the Hermantown Legacy Fund.  If you would like more information please click on the About Us tab and connect with one of our board members.

Thank you for taking a step toward your Hermantown Legacy.