Jackson Club Scholarship

Jackson Club Scholarship

Fund Description

Jackson Club Scholarship Fund will provide financial awards for post secondary education, including college and vocational training to graduating seniors from Hermantown High School.

Application Instructions

The applicant must be a resident of the Hermantown school district and a graduate of Hermantown High School planning to attend any accredited post secondary institution on a full-time basis. Additionally s/he must have a GPA of 2.3 or higher. Students should complete and submit in the DSACF Common Application by the deadline day. A complete application will include an academic transcript (including standardized test scores), financial need documentation, one recommendation and an essay titled “What Growing up In Hermantown Means to Me.”

Selection Criteria

The Jackson Club Scholarship Committee will select individual scholarship recipients. They will base their decision on the applicant’s academic record, written recommendation and involvement in community activities.

Fund Story

Hermantown’s Jackson Club, the oldest club in St. Louis County, was established in 1910 in a one-room school building. Eventually the growing membership necessitated the need for a larger building and the school was replaced with a large new building. This building became the site of many activities – softball teams, dances, dinners, and plays. With the repeal of prohibition, people tended to go to beer taverns for socialization and dancing resulting in a diminished membership. The building gradually deteriorated and was torn down.

The membership then bought the two-room Jackson School for use as a club house. About this time (1940’s), the Jackson Project houses were built by the government and the Club was infused with a new group of active, energetic local residents. Unfortunately, in 1950, the school building burned to the ground and the membership decided to build a new clubhouse. Eventually Hermantown became a suburban area and club membership gradually declined. Club members decided to sell the building in 1988, hold meetings at city hall and to use the interest from the property sale for scholarships for local students.

Awards Given from Fund

Numerous scholarships (of about $500/year), co-payable to the student and institution will be awarded each year. It is not renewable.

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